About our Project ℹ️

This website is built by regular folks just like you. Our aim is to help you find a list of trusted dentists in your area at no extra cost for you. We plan to be the number one resource for finding trusted dental practitioners in Ireland.

Many of you know that businesses nowadays do what ever it takes to get your hard earned money. Businesses including dental practices are often obtaining fake reviews and recommendations, to make themselves look good.

Our mission is to help you find affordable & trusted dentists in your area. We investigate the reputation and pricing of each dental practise in your area, and if it "passes" our check then we list it on this site. 



​Do They Work With Numerous Insurances?

To ensure that you don’t spend an arm and a leg for a mere cleaning, be sure that the dentist you choose is in your network. If they aren’t, call to see if they submit claims to insurance providers. Fortunately, most dental practises submit insurance requests, so don’t be so quick to write a dentist off even if they’re out of your network.


Are They Held In High Regard?

Client testimonials will come in handy while trying to find Irish dentists. A quick online search will help you discern a reputable practice from a dishonourable one. If you notice one too many red flags, it’s best to continue your search. Otherwise, you’re liable to end up with a dentist who doesn’t uphold client satisfaction.


How Often Are They Available?

If a dental emergency arises, you’ll want to be able to reach your dentist’s office lickety-split. With that said, it’s important to see when their hours are. If these hours are convenient for you, they’re a shoo-in. If they offer an emergency contact number, that’s even better.


Are They Educated?

Education is a critical component of dentistry. Before selecting a dentist, consider their educational background. You’ll find great comfort in knowing that the professionals working on your smile are equipped to handle all your needs. If they partake in continuing education courses, you can rest assured that they’re in keeping with industry standards.


What Treatment Plans Are Offered?

The number of treatment plans available is of paramount importance. Depending on your dental needs, you may require more coverage than most. If this is the case, you want to be sure that the plans covered are in your best interest.


How Cost-Effective Are They?

Dental procedures are inherently costly. However, should you need financial assistance, you want to know that your dentist is willing to work with your budget. If they don’t honor fair prices or offer financial plans, this will inevitably lead to a headache.